Friday, August 28, 2009

my birthday..

well.. it's my birthday today.. as usually we will go out to have dinner and catch up for a drink.. but this year is much more different.. no more a big bunch of friends gather together and celebrate with me..

This year.. my 1st year celebrating my birthday at some others place other than Kuching and Malacca.. much more different this year cos most of my friends wasn't here because we all at different places doing our internship or if not they had graduated.. haihz..

Well.. still not sure about the plans and everything yet but mostly will go Jia Sin ( Jolin )'s place for a drink.. haha..

--------------------------------- Update soon on more photo-----------------------------------

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

months and months..

months and months... i dint update my blog.. why ? maybe there aren't much stuff for me to share ? tired of blogging ? don wan ppl to know about my daily routine ? well, i dono.. everytime when i started to write a blog but it end up in the draft.. sorry to u my blog.. just hope after this i will keep on updating u..

well.. just some updates on myself.. i'm now in penang.. rooting and collecting dust.. internship here = bored + tired.. but thanks to the pay i at least got some return.. lolx..

coming events:

12nd of sept
Queensbay Mall, Penang
after 5pm.=)
interested just let me know.. =)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MMU Table Tennis Open 2009...

After one year of preparation, Multimedia University(Malacca Campus) Table Tennis Club, present to u the MMU OPEN 2009...

This event had been sucessfully oragnized last Saturday ( 21/02/09 ) at Pay Fong High School of Malacca...

EeeEEeEEehHhhehehh... Why i suddenly talk so formal here ? nah.. below are some photo lor.. for more photo can go my facebook.. hehe..



Busy busy busyy...

playing playing playing...


take 1

take 2

take 3

take 4

take 5

if u happened to go find a Vet.. remember this guy !!!
happened to be the most annoying guy throughout the whole tournament !!! chao si si !!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jake's Charbroil Steak on valentine's day

Alright i know i haven't been updating the blog like months AGAIN ! just to prove to Miss PIG that i'm not a lazy bumb like her !! haha..

So just yesterday I went to Jake's Charbroil Steak located inside Starhill Gallery at the feast floor ! Well, if u ever been to Starhill Gallery before their floor is actually named with a name like feast, indulge, adorn, explore, kiwi and many others lak. That's why we nearly get lost there. haha..

Back to Jake's.. How i find tat place ? well, the night before valentine's day i was searching for a place for dining and at yahoo search page i found out few nice place and also asked edmond on some advices as well. Well Edmond suggested me to go The Ship, Victoria's place or Macd if i'm not going with some1 special. hahha.. But no matter wat the person really some1 matters to me !!! Get wat i mean ?

At Jake's place.. the surrounding is really good for dining and services was fine as well. As for the food, there were nice as well.. hehe..

the course serve with :
1 glass of red wine.

Large green mussels in roasted bell peppers
& black olive vinaigrette
Carefully passed fresh fennel crème soup
with celery crunch
Main course:

Beef tenderloin chargrilled to your liking
with a beef bacon cheese mushroom sauce,
mashed potatoes & cooked vegetable


Poached cod on bed of sautéed spinach,
romesco sauce , barreled potatoes & grilled tomato



Haagen Dazs Strawberry ice cream
with fresh strawberries


coffee or tea ? <-- something i don understand why ! ahha..


lady of the night ?

man of the day ! haha..

* some photo are take from'tine%2009.htm *

well... after dinner we went pavilion and bump up with few friends and also my mum's friend ! one couple i tried to avoid is actually Edmond cos he said he is in pavilion as well !! chill bro !!! haha.. there few more places we went.. wat a night ya ~
btw ppl.. as for one of my course EHM 3066 Engineer and Society it required to write blog as well. if free just go have a look ya ! hehe..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

on holiday...

holiday finally begin.. well for me it just started lak cos i been doing nothing when i get back to kuching.. hahha.. wat to do ? friends are still back in their uni or i don really know who is still in kuching o back in kuching ... hmpff..

home in kuching got almost everything i need to survive like food, oxygen, water, washine machine, bed, tv, astro, dvd and bla bla bla... EXCEPT INTERNET !!! guess wat.. i'm now online at KFC near my house !! hahha..

btw.. 3rd day of chinese new year which is 28th of jan 2009 will be my open house.. hehe..

below is the way to my house lak..

sorry i know it's small.. take note tat all road tat been drawn is not according to the actual scales ya.. might be some turning or lorong i dint drew out !!! just give me a call lak k !!! hehe..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

finally updated !!

it's been quite awhile for me to abondan my blog di... sorry " my blog "... ok.. promise to update it as often as i can.. hehe..
ok.. here come to the end of semester 2 ! wat else can i do ? as usual dint do well in exam although only got one paper for me this semester !!! haihz.. hopefully will pass lak.. *winks*
holiday started and for me.. i went few places after my papers.. hahha...

on the 6th of jan when i just finish up my COA paper.. straight away i back home and hide inder my blanket.. ya i know it's hot tat day but i feel cold inside wor... em. don think too much ya.. it because i feel like i dint study well enough..* so hide under the blanket and cry ? * just kiddingg.. hehhe... dint do much outing tat night cos every1 seem to be busy-ing STUDY !!

the next day, my kl trip began !!! was staying alone at Tune Hotel or most commanly ppl named it as The Air Asia hotel !! hahha... well.. it's rather a small hotel but the rate isn't really cheap.. but it's ok.. i'm quite impress with the crew services and the location is sort of strategy as well.. hehhe.. 1st day, i dint do much thing also cos some friend ffk me for meeting up in sunway so i come out with some other thing to do.. wat i do is, 1st thing.. i online.. *gosh* it cost me rm 12 for the WiFi sold in Tune Hotel*

after that, i went cheras for some contract thingy cos appointment at 2pm.. since i'm near cheras, i contact a friend who is nearby there in cheras to meet up... don dare to call her cos scared might be disturbing lor.. so i sms-ed.. by the time waiting, i shoppe alone at leisure mall lor.. walk n walk n walk.. it's almost 430pm... donwan wait anymore so i went to imu to find kah yee and jocelyn.. hehe.. thanks to both of them, i watched a movie and dinner at The Gardens.. btw.. the japanese cruises there was nice !! can have a try there k if u ppl hang around there.. hehe...

the next dinner !!!! it something i been looking forward o planned to eat actually ! TGI's Friday... hahha.. well.. at 1st was planning to eat with edmond and anne and hubert one.. but then it's sat night which means i won't be around in kl also.. so i suggest to go TGI at Pavillion.. hehe.. pity jocelyn and hubert cos need to acc me eat tat HEAVY meal !!! hahha..
let see wat we order.. hmm..
boneless wings

Mac with cheese..

Chicken and shrimp with special Jack Daniel's sauce...

Friday's Burger ? forgot the name.. haha...
Szilling chicken with cheese and onion...

dessert no1

ice cream with the cookie.. *nice*
basically like tat lor.. the day after TGI we are busy-ing shopping around.. where we lay our foot step and smell behind ? em.. mid valley, sg wang, lot ten, The Gardens, pavillion, ue3 plaza, lowyat, time square.. where elese ? forgot jor.. haha...
then sunday, we decide to go to seremban.. so i followed teapot's car while yen chee them reached there in the morning.. hehe.. 1st we dropped by at Jusco cos we meeting up with others at green box.. as i said.. everytime i go no matter green box o dream box, if i come late.. then sure the person will upgrade us to a bigger room one.. well, expected.. we been upgrade to a BIG BIG room !!! hahha.. seriously.. will upload some photo when i got it from teapot.. hehe..
after i bored of sing K then i go walk around and found leena.. and saw liang hoe too.. hehe... such a small world ya !! :P when we out from green box, we drove all the way to Port Dickson just to have some Bak Kut Teh and walk along the beach.. haha.. well the Bak Kut Teh was fine actually.. hehe..
after tat, our 2nd round of dinner is in seremban.. so we drove back again to seremban town.. to have our 2nd dinner..
ta daaaa... Ketam Bakar or Baked Crabs... hehe...
teapot and qin yee.. pity qin yee can't eat crab ya.. haha..
we stayed over at teapot's house for the night.. heheh.. had some cards game called 24.. hehe.. and supper at terming ? forgot how to spell, some1 correct me !! hehe..
below is our breakfast lak.. nice.. the shop sound interesting " mei da mei xiao " o no big no small ? hahha...
then i drove back with ah seng..
and now !! i'm using my new laptop.. DELL XPS M 1530 Red ( Product ). yeahhhh !!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Table Tennis Club Fund Raising...

well... for the pass 4 days ( including today ) the table tennis club had organized a fund raising for the coming MMU Open.. why need to raise fund ? of course no money lor.. haha.. well.. to all players out there.. soon we will have our MMU Open which is end of Feb 2009... pls do pass it around ya !! hehhe...

for the pass 4 days.. i been so exhausted !! why ?
- wake up at 8 wash up
- went campus to take car from yan chee
- go town take donuts....
- go another place to take mile criepe layer cake...
- come back campus!!!
- sell donutss...
- buy food.. actually spent quite alot in this event.. @@
- sell hot dogs.. * i think i'm potential to sell hot dogs some day !!! * but wtf, engineer sell hot
dogs ?? hahha..

alright.. i got NO COMMENTS on the other ppl.. ya NO COMMENT !! it will either 2 way.. 1st is too good till nothing to comment.. 2nd will be too SHITY till i donwan to comment.. but usually u know lak which one i mean !! hahha...

anyway... we sold wafffer, big apple donuts, tart tart's egg tart( most famous in malacca), nadeje's japanese layer cake, curry fish ball, herbal eggs, drink,jelly, hot dogs and lastly girls stuff.. well... basically it's kinda a sucess fund raising cos nothing much happened..

ok lak. so tired now.. ciaozz.. sleepy.. hahha.. and now is only 6pm !!! OMG !!!